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About Us

The HORSEMAN’s MIND is committed to offering the best information possible dedicated to achieving the optimum “partnership” relationship between horse and owner/rider. 

The HORSEMAN’s MIND offers mental toughness coaching / peak performance training for riders, teachers, trainers and their families in all equine endeavours.

The HORSEMAN’s MIND offers clinics and demonstrations on cutting; problem solving and training; based on the principles and standards inherent in what cowboys refer to as a “well broke horse’; a horse that is of sound mind and body; balanced, athletic, and capable of being used successfully in any event or endeavour.



Tracy Barton is a Hall of Fame National Cutting Horse trainer with over $3 million in winnings.  He is a NCHA world champion; two time NCHA reserve champion; two time APHA world champion; 27 AQHA Congress chamion; four time Augusta futurity reserve champion; 275 + Affiliation champion. 

Tracy got into the horse business through his uncle;  Jess Turner who was a cutting horse trainer. Beginning in middle school Tracy worked for his uncle;  cowboyed in Arizona; and finally ended up working for Greg Welch; son of legendary cutting horse trainer Buster Welch.

Along the way, Tracy also worked in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, started TTB Cutting in 1997, and worked in Pierre, South Dakota for cutting horse breeder Jerry Ward.  Recently he moved his operation to Hartsville, South Carolina where he continues to train cutting horses, conduct clinics on cutting and horsemanship, and run cutting shows under the banner of his company; Tobacco Road.  His training program is based on integrity, work ethic and an emphasis on producing well balanced athletic horses; capable of performing at a high level in any event.


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Karl Avdek grew up in Iowa where his father built and managed the largest thoroughbred horse farm in the state. 

Karl has an undergraduate degree in exercise science, is a nationally certified strength and conditioning trainer with multiple certifications for fitness, speed training and performance psychology. He has been consulting children and adults, students, college and professional athletes and performers in all areas of human endeavour since he was in college.   

He has also trained horses and worked as a teacher and clinician since he was fifteen.  He has coached three sports at the collegiate level; worked in professional baseball, been a college professor in equine science, travelled throughout Europe lecturing and demonstrating American Quarter Horses and western horsemanship, and has conducted “problem solving” clinics throughout the northeast.  He has been written up in every regional periodical in the northeast and been interviewed on Horse Radio and in Horse Illustrated.  Currently he consults and coaches equine and team sport athletes at every level from youth through professional throughout the United States and Canada.  He has written and had published articles on peak performance and bullying on multiple platforms and has been a speaker at multiple events; including Equine Affaire. 


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Tracy and Karl are also on the board of the Hawkeye Farms Foundation; a 501c3 nonprofit charity which produces art and entertainment events in order to raise funding and awareness for children and animals.  The foundation has contributed to events for the Humane Society, Ice Hockey in Harlem, Endeavour Therapeutic Horsemanship, the Equine Sanctuary, the New York Polo Club, Juvenile Diabetes, etc., etc.  The charity is currently active with charity artwork through and raising financing for several films with proceeds going to equine charity.

A portion of proceeds from all events go to charity.  

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