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Anything and everything you need FOR THE BEST relationship between you and your Horse!!!

No need to load your horse up and drive somewhere.

NOW ... just tape yourself and/or your horse on your smartphone, pick up the phone, or sit in front of the computer and we 're here to help you with all your questions and challenges.

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     Get your mind right.
     Whatever is in your mind gets in your horse's           head!  Fear; performance anxiety at a show ... 

We can help you either get rid of it or learn how to perform "in spite of it."

   Is your horse athletic enough to do whatever 
   it is you're asking? Is your horse in position to do           whatever it is you're asking it to do?  

We can evaluate both you and your horse and get you both on track for success.



     Are you "partnered up" with your horse?

     "Partnership" is perhaps an overused word in the horse business but it has a real and practical application.  We can help you help yourself achieve it.


     Are you "connected"?

There is nothing in the world like really achieving a true "connection" with your horse.  We can help.

Learn from Tracy Barton & Karl Avdek

Together we have riddden and trained hundreds of horses, mentored scores of successful rider and conducted clinics in the United States and around the world.  Tracy has won over $3mil. in cutting horse competition and Karl has worked as an equine clinician and a mental skills trainer for college and professional athletes in multiple sports and disciplines.

Let us help you ... help yourself!!! 

It's Easy!!!

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Film yourself on your smartphone or with a video camera.  Shoot horizontally and shoot in sunlight if possible. paragraph. 


Upload and share to us through email.  

Receive your coaching through a zoom session, edited video with comment, or phone conference within 48 hours.


Two existing clients; one cutting and one 

junior hunter jumper

All consultation and evaluation free until further notice!!!

Mechanical/physical or Mental ...

            We can help you ... help yourself!!!

Do you have a problem?
We want to hear about it ... and help!!!

Anything and everything.  Ask away ...

We are here to help!!!

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