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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?

     We have been friends for over thirty years; both horsemen; Tracy as a Hall of Fame cutter and Karl as a clinician.  We sold horses together and traded ideas on training for a very long time and always had the goal of working together.  Karl's journey also took him through working with top college and professional athletes on "mental skills" training and we simply felt that we could finally offer a very unique and more importantly; a very COMPLETE set of information skills for horse owners and riders at all levels.


What Services do you offer?

     We are an "information" service.  We offer online or in person answers to virtually any and all questions for all equine disciplines; from the backyard owner to the the competition rider in all disciplines. We will also conduct clinics and offer courses.

     If you have a question; we have an answer!

     We are "beginning at the beginning"; i.e. since our business is just starting, we will focus immediately a great deal on cutting and psychology; "mental toughess" skills for riders and owners. 


     Within a very short time we will move to more "horsemanship" skills and "problem solving" with produced information; both video and written.  

What issues does psychology and mental skills cover?

     Great question.  Karl has addressed "performance" and other issues in lecture events and with individual athletes in equine and team sport or individual sports disciplines literally for decades.  For riders who compete there may be issues or questions in reference to "performance anxiety"; "strategizing" or pre-show preparation, focusing, concentration, dealing with failure, negativity, etc. 


     There is also an enormous spectrum of "personal" and "familial" issues relative to horse ownership; from relationship dynamics with professionals to family and even financial issues.  We have dealt with all of it and are here for you with help for every one of your questions and issues.   

I have a more general "horsemanship" question.  Can you help me?

     Absolutely.  Karl Avdek has conducted problem solving clinics and worked "one on one" with individual riders and their horses both here and abroad.  Karl and Tracy have known each other and worked together over a thirty year span.  From Day One; there is no boundaries on issues for what we will work to help you with.  Our mission is to "HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF!!!"  If you have a question, we have an answer.

How does online training work?

     We use zoom for "person to person" conferencing which can include individual sessions with a rider and/or review of a videotaped session with a horse that you would send to us for evaluation.  

How long are the sessions and what do they cost?

     Sessions are structured according to "results" rather than "time" restrictions.  We are obviously working for "change" and "progress"; "progress not (necessariliy) perfection."  In general sessions run for an hour but the goal for each session is "improvement."  

     For the first two months; by way of an "introduction", sessions will be free.



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