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Is your horse show performance suffering because you are you struggling with fear, focus and concentration, negative “voices” chattering in your head, fear of injury, control of your feelings, and any number of emotional issues interfering with your confidence.

The key to consistent top performance in sport or any endeavor is confidence.

Or is it?

Can you play your best without confidence. Can you acquire confidence? Can you rid yourself of fear?

I believe you can. I believe you can learn “tools” and a “process” whereby you can become aware of your emotions, clear the interference, and master your emotions.

An enormous number of performers in a wide variety of endeavors have suffered from performance anxiety. Country singer Leann Rhimes, movie star Johnny Depp, baseball star Joey Votto, actress Kim Basinger, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, Howie Mandel, singer Donny Osmond, singing legend Barbara Streisand, singer Adele have all suffered from nervousness and anxiety. Basketball legend Bill Russell threw up before every game.

All of these “performers” are enormously successful.

You can be successful as well; in the mastery of your emotions and your game.

I can help.

I played three sports in college and never gained complete control of my nervousness and fears of performing well. At one point, it became so bad that I considered quitting. I did not, however, allow my fears or nerves to keep me from performing and even performing at my best. I did not hide from my emotions. I learned to confront them; in fact to embrace and deal with them and gain mastery.

Email or call me and let’s get started. I can give you both a “system” and “tools” to get you on top.

(203) 252-0395

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